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  • A Guide To Tokyo Coffee
    These aren’t your average Blue Bottle or %Arabica shops, these are the real deal. Fresh, local, fashionable, and delicious. For all you coffee lovers out there, here’s our complete list of our favourite Tokyo coffee shops.
  • Kamakura, Tokyo’s Seaside Escape
    Tokyo is one of the worlds most exciting cities, full of right neon lights, bustling shopping streets, high tech gadgets, and anything else you can imagine to excite the most seasoned and adventurous of travellers. But with all this excitement and adventure, even the most energetic adventurers find themselves searching for a an oasis, a place to relax away. Just a 45 minute train ride along the Ueno line, Kamakura is just the place.
  • Japanese New Years, The 1st Day of Shōgatsu
    Good Morning from Tokyo! As the sun rises, we welcome a new year, or as they say in Japanese, Oshōgatsu. New Year (正月, shōgatsu) is the most important holiday in Japan. Most businesses shut down from January 1 to January 3, and families typically gather to spend the days together. In Japan, new years is …

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